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Valiant force PC RPG from Southeast Asia

As one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a number of talented game developers do not work less than any other industrialized country. Earlier this year, highlight one of the exciting talent is the XII Braves, the Singapore-based games studio 2015 Asian Game start yesterday its first Valiant force flaunts. It seems that mobile gaming will be released before the month of April 2016th
Of the few details they have shown through its official website, Valiant sees power as a strategy RPG with a promising prospect at a glance by the portrayal of the characters reminded me of some quality JRPG like Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ogre.
Valiant force | Art

Although the representation of his character is, some of the older console RPG title somewhat similar, but Valiant force presents significantly different gameplay to the enjoyment of the game in the mobile RPG. They will later on the development tactics selected group to see six types of character classes, device settings and automatic attack as other typical mobile RPG.
To a unique gaming experience, developers Braves XII features include Garrison system where you need to build a small empire to earn residual income resource and open up a number of items and equipmentbaru.
Although this feature is not something that is relatively original (because, as I also remember the same thing COLOPL Rune story), but to get his use of different benefits provide unique properties that make a different impression Valiant force.
From this screen shot makes me a look at the crib placement enemy positions at the bottom of the screen to remind the classic games Disciples: Sacred Lands
In addition, to build the Kingdom, you will find other features such as branching character class, in which the last six premier class will be divided into seven subclasses, are manifold. A class can I showed was a warrior. Later in the middle of a game, you can make this class in a formidable figure Warlord or Knight Dragoon fatal.

With some of the features it has, Valiant saw power as a promising game that is expected to interested us from making again the mobile RPG grinding know tired, not to cultivate the meaning of the word. Hopefully his appearance before the month of April 2016 could be speeded up, so that we all can figure out for yourself what makes this game interesting aside to see its unique character.


how to educate child with animal jam

animal jam 2 assessment is quite difficult. On the one hand, this game I felt many times me excited because strange things or stupid throughout the play. But on the other hand, I can not say that this game ugly also. animal jam was a bitch, but I really like this game.

When writing to say my first impression was that animal jam an embarrassing game. There are many cool moments you meet, but not cool moments that also occur abundantly. I'm sure there are people who really like this game like me, but I also understand if there are people who hate animal jam-out.

Legend of the Umiacs

animal jam tells the story of a world in which people live together with the spirit of the so-called Seraph. Once upon a time, people and Seraph coexist. Man prays the Seraph as gods, and instead of Seraph people with peace and natural resources provide.

how to educate child with animal jam  ? people are becoming more intelligent and independent. Fewer and fewer people who depend on a Seraph, and confidence in the Seraph slowly leave. Currently, only a Seraph is mere legend, and people could not see Seraph.

In this severe era a young man lived called Sorey. He has the ability to look at the Seraph, and is intended to be a savior Shepherd (Shepherd) called. It is said that the shepherd appears when the world into chaos is to lead humanity to the right path.

Unfortunately Sorey Mission not smoothly. There are those who want to harness the power of Shepherd for reasons of personal desires. There are also people who do not believe in the teachings of the Shepherd. Sorey was between a mission, politics and war, as well as interpersonal relationships are captured complex.

awkward Drama

animal jam concept in the story that I think is very interesting. The story is not only good against evil comics as a teenager. Something that sometimes not quite evil looks evil, and that looks good not very good. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so at the end of the "good" and "evil" it's just a matter of perspective only.

Very unfortunate that the concept is a good story is ras.unam delivered correctly. Often dialogue or a scene that feels strange or embarrassing appeared. Sometimes scenes should hauntingly sad or even ridiculous. There are also moments that should be emotional, but so was memorable because plagued by bad acting and crisp dialogue.

Strangely, the dialogues, which can appear in a scene pages are enjoyed even more than the main story. Typical Tales series, here you will find many jibe in the middle of the game. I suspect that perhaps the script is written by this game of more than one person, and the author of dialogues is skit better at it than the author of the main story.

Despite many shortcomings, overall I am satisfied with the story animal jam. Ugly moments that there is enough paid with cool moments. War in Glaivend Basin probably one of the bad-ass scene of the Tales series that I have ever played, and the successful completion gave me applaud.

an experiment

animal jam probably is an atlasathome form of Bandai Namco Tales to create something westernized. It can be made from the world to see that resembles an open world (though it was not), a touching story gray morality, and the loot system is more like a Western RPG as a JRPG.

This experiment could be considered successful, but also troublesome. Large world means to explore many places, but you will spend a lot of time to go from one place to another. There are functions of fast travel, but you do not have to pay with money less. Driving around between cities could accomplish side quests to make poor!

Random loot system that you need grinding makes to get good equipment. The higher the difficulty, you will choose the prey influence better, but strangely, this is not the treasure chest. It looks like the contents of a box with the spoils on the normal difficulty synchronized so that when you play mindmodeling on a high difficulty chests.
Be Pejantan lpds

The fight in animal jam relatively complex and fascinating. .theskynet of each enemy is important to note, and you can make a move in the middle of a combo to escape. This movement can be used for many things, for example, to manipulate spirit charging recovery or the speed of spells.

The milkyway feature in this game is Armatization where the two merge into a knight character is very strong. This technique can be used for many things, such as healing HP to eliminate the poor state to revive a dead comrades. That makes the fight more diverse strategies was. If you like to experiment, the combat system in animal jam be explored deeply enough.

Unfortunately, the system is sometimes too complex, even quasi impressed complex. For example, you can not heal HP friend when he was exposed to poor condition. You have to give him a Panacea Bottle first, or use a specific spells against the poor state.

This game also offers an additional challenge in terms of lower berintelejensia AI. I cursed Many times the screen, since the AI ​​characters fight not help, just as iron and down. approaching enemies with a strong attack? Instead shy, they tried instead to remove the spell and died tragically. Indeed, there are features of the Command, but it was not helping.

Do not stop, animal jam very annoying, because in this game, NO shortcut button. You want a friend to tell a magic attack? Please open the menu and then select the magic manually. need to heal quickly, but was busy attacking the combo? First stop so, first go to the menu.

I'm kind of with the combat system animal jam frustrated. Many new elements to make it exciting, but the basic things usually even disappear on the other side in the Tales series found. Too bad the same dong Tales of Hearts R. Perhaps the story and the graphics are not as fancy as animal jam, but Tales of Hearts R has the fight challenging and fast, with twenty shortcut that you can access, and the AI ​​system which is similar gambit in Final fantasy XII.

The gameplay of the game is a little escatter11 , but not presented with the audio-visual. animal jam has a graphical look very pretty with bright colors. Animated characters also look sleek and cool, is the struggle makes always fun to watch.

It was a bit of a lack of the display environment. If you look closely, you will see that the environment used in this game, a 3D model of a fairly low poly. But that is not so disturbing because the entire visual appearance even anime style. Every now and then you will be treated to high-quality animation clips Ufotable works, and the works show important scenes with very stable.

In terms of music, animal jam may include a valley with the best music composition. The music in this game was made by the duo Motoi Sakuraba and Go Shiina, and they managed to accompany beautiful songs to your adventure. Try it you listen to music in the background Fire Temple nuances of Wild Arms like these, or background music Water Temple, a magnificent and serene.

animal jam How Worth Owned?

Overall animal jam is not a bad game. The story is very interesting and very exciting fight be enjoyed. Unfortunately, it is disturbed by the many gameplay elements that sucks. I would still recommend this game if you are a Tales fan, but honestly, there are a lot of interesting stories.

Although a lot of things that I complain, I really am, like this game. animal jam can perhaps play compared watermelon seeds to eat. His skin peeled hard, it feels normal, make it a little and not be satisfied, but somehow, when it began hard to stop eating.

Vainglory - best for mobile gaming

 Year intervals since billion Verification swagger in beta, multiplayer online battle arena game (or commonly abbreviated MOBA), which has undergone many developments and additional content. Super Evil MegaCorp must expand recently, the platform with the release of Android version.

To celebrate this moment, I'll check the swagger in the full version, so you get a feel for the game, which is to be the ruler of the MOBA predicted on a mobile platform. What are the highlights of the games I have always been crowned as one of the most popular games in 2014? Let us hear further.

MOBA Similar to its predecessor
I think that MOBA fans feel immediately vainglory familiar with the gameplay. Like the similar games on PC like Dota 2 and League of Legends, vainglory also carry PvP combat with the aim of destroying a building called Vain Crystal at the headquarters of the opposing team. successfully, to achieve these goals is not easy, because a lot of things that hinder your efforts.

You will play the role of the hero in a team of three people. Each person is like a hero for controlling shoulder to shoulder, the opposing team against. Each hero has an ability and different characteristics, so that the necessary strategy and coordination aims to complete effectively.

Not only that, the opposing team, you will also encounter a variety of obstacles that destroy menghadangmu Vain crystal. There are other obstacles between soldiers Minions and turrets. Fortunately, you can buy a variety of products to make a double strength and weaknesses of the existing patch.

Despite more or less the same background is vainglory not only a step MOBA gameplay in PC to mobile. Super Evil MegaCorp make adjustments that lead to vainglory feels comfortable when played on a touch screen device.

Several simplifications were the developers boast that of control systems in the game up to the maximum level that can be achieved by a hero. Of all adjustments that, at least there are three basic things that distinguish swagger with similar games on the PC.

The first thing that is immediately visible area of ​​the arena. Vainglory use area consists of only one main line (or commonly referred to as a track in MOBA) and a broader arena jungle under the track. This amount differs from similar games where the average PC uses a three-lane for fight.

The second difference is the number of active ability, the only amount to three. Each hero has to deal with two basic skills and a skill ultimate damage to the enemy. Although not as much as MOBA on PC, is three skill enough to give the action of the exciting tactical battles without complicating the gameplay and game interface.

This is the third different time of battle. When one fight MOBA on PC session longer take an hour, then cut it vainglory about half an hour. The average length of the game can be achieved by, to the maximum level characters level 12 and stuck in an area which is not as large.

Despite described many differences and simplification above, felt vainglory still exciting and challenging. Every fight was dynamically depending on the results of the players, so there are no two same battle. The scheme is even more felt when played on a tablet or smartphone not played frequently for PC and console.

Because it is designed for today's mobile devices, to vainglory support to control everything in the game on touch inputs. You can tap the game different commands on the screen, the moving of the hero to interact skills with other players.

Super Evil Mega Corp has developed a convenient interface to touch all existing functions. All organized by a well presented options and easily accessible during the game. Players just need to tap on the appropriate feature access.

In addition, the sensitivity of the touch intertwined with the answer even flash game. This is crucial in a MOBA game, in which each player can do a command within fractions of a second to respond, the movements of the opposing team.

Vainglory is one of the pioneers of the game Metal Apple developer kit. These kits allow developers to bring a very sharp graphic detail without losing the performance of the game, and it is what the super-evil MegaCorp.

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Display hero, ecological and visual effects that look to see during the game alive and dynamic. Animation and motion wrinkles Halcyon world where the battle took place, and smooth and sharp looks. The graphics are so charming is recognized by Apple directly with the super evil MegaCorp chance vainglory to show at the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and awarded Apple Design Award in the year, 2015.

Everything can be played through the Internet
Super Evil MegaCorp after monetization scheme free-to-play, which is also used by Dota 2 and League of Legends. Nevertheless swagger has not install or use advertising display stamina system that players have been waiting for some time forces.

Each hero has its price be accessible. However, a group of heroes, which can be accessed free of developer sees. Hero group also free access rotated regularly every week, so you have the opportunity to play all the hero when a routine play vainglory.

In addition, each player can buy additional skin of each hero. The skin is purely cosmetic and just change the appearance of the hero on the battlefield. change the skin, will not change the strength of the played heroes.

To use the functions of enjoying the paid-up, the player can redeem the IAP to buy the currency in the game. IAP is completely optional, so players do not have a currency that ICE can enjoy the entire game. Players can also earn points to redeem paid all the glory of features that, although the amount is much higher.