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Valiant force PC RPG from Southeast Asia

As one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a number of talented game developers do not work less than any other industrialized country. Earlier this year, highlight one of the exciting talent is the XII Braves, the Singapore-based games studio 2015 Asian Game start yesterday its first Valiant force flaunts. It seems that mobile gaming will be released before the month of April 2016th
Of the few details they have shown through its official website, Valiant sees power as a strategy RPG with a promising prospect at a glance by the portrayal of the characters reminded me of some quality JRPG like Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ogre.
Valiant force | Art

Although the representation of his character is, some of the older console RPG title somewhat similar, but Valiant force presents significantly different gameplay to the enjoyment of the game in the mobile RPG. They will later on the development tactics selected group to see six types of character classes, device settings and automatic attack as other typical mobile RPG.
To a unique gaming experience, developers Braves XII features include Garrison system where you need to build a small empire to earn residual income resource and open up a number of items and equipmentbaru.
Although this feature is not something that is relatively original (because, as I also remember the same thing COLOPL Rune story), but to get his use of different benefits provide unique properties that make a different impression Valiant force.
From this screen shot makes me a look at the crib placement enemy positions at the bottom of the screen to remind the classic games Disciples: Sacred Lands
In addition, to build the Kingdom, you will find other features such as branching character class, in which the last six premier class will be divided into seven subclasses, are manifold. A class can I showed was a warrior. Later in the middle of a game, you can make this class in a formidable figure Warlord or Knight Dragoon fatal.

With some of the features it has, Valiant saw power as a promising game that is expected to interested us from making again the mobile RPG grinding know tired, not to cultivate the meaning of the word. Hopefully his appearance before the month of April 2016 could be speeded up, so that we all can figure out for yourself what makes this game interesting aside to see its unique character.


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